The One who Sees is, The Man who Knows True Fear.


Dairy: Arival in Dawnport.

Finnally after months of travel here in Dawnport. I expected something more, terrifying. But its peacefull, too peacefull for my sake. Full of live, Full of joy. How I long for that feeling once more.

I dreaded coming here, After that night, the night I saw it. The thing, the events that shall transpire. I still can’t believe such a thing could exist, it shouldn’t. Not now not ever.
But I know it will be. Even now years later. I still can’t sleep, I wake up crying and screaming for mercy.

I hope I’ll find her soon, she is the Key. I need her, whatever the costs.

Dairy: After the Attack

Something has changed, the attack, the kidknapping. Could it be coincedence? No Blackwood, such things do not exist.
Fate is a cruel mistress, are the things I have sarcificed not enough. She has been kipnapped and the only ones capable of helping her are a toad, a goat and misformed somthing or another.

This cannot end well.

Dairy: After the ritual

Fate has spoken against me, in the form of a f’king GOAT. A arrogant, selfish, manipulative Goat. Her soul now trapped, even the demon would be easier to work with.
How she must feel terrible now. Soon i need a way to get her out of it. She is the key.


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